For Insurance Companies

Why Partner With SIA of NC

With access to a 60 member alliance writing more than $200 Million of premiums, SIA of NC benefits our partner companies in many ways.

  • Our proven “Quality Control” program helps us identify problems before they become problems and long before a company can act upon it.
  • Lowering a company’s marketing expense by allowing SIA of NC to be your advocate and communicate with our partner agencies.
  • Access to stable relationships and higher book retention.
  • Quarterly monitoring that is in depth and looks at each code individually versus just looking at the combined results
  • Complete flexibility to select the partner agencies with which you would like to do business
  • Profitable growth in premiums in accordance with your business plan

As a company, if you are interested in the benefits of doing business with our alliance, please contact us to learn more about the SIA of NC program.