There are numerous advantages to partnering with SIA of NC. Your journey of agency growth starts here.

Agency Development

We believe in strategic growth and building your legacy. We believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing will help you grow.

Sure, having more companies and getting paid more are huge factors.

But how do we develop our skill set?

What ideas can we share that you can profit from?

Increased Revenue

Many carriers have diverse levels of commission compensation for agencies depending on their size and ability to produce. Due to our size, our members receive the highest commissions available for each carrier. The difference can be substantial.

At various times, carriers can pay commission incentives for various products. Our member agencies are eligible for these higher commission scales immediately based on their affiliation with SIA of NC.

Our members are frequently enrolled in contests that allow them to make a per policy bonus. Leveraging our volume, most carriers have service centers that agencies like to utilize, and those service centers come at a reduced commission rate. We have negotiated our service center cost at a lower rate for most agencies, thus helping you earn more commission.

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Company Access

SIAA, the largest national insurance agency alliance, reached over $10 billion in premiums last year. SIA of NC contributed $200 Million to that total in 2021.

How do we do this?

By getting access to all the companies you need. We’re able to assist you in receiving direct codes with minimal requirements.

Our Access Plus program grants you access to all our carrier partners regardless of having a direct code. This allows you to write any account (hard or easy) and keep your revenue streamlined. In addition to utilizing our Access Plus program, our team actively advocates for you to get direct appointments with carriers.

Coaching & Guidance

Starting your own business can be challenging and scary. Sometimes a little guidance and help can propel your business forward instead of stunting your growth. That’s why SIA of NC prides itself on our one-on-one coaching and guidance methods that allow you to remain the independent agent you sought out to be. We identify problem areas and recommend strategies for growth and success.

Not sold yet?

Our field of experts also equip you with the company relationships, marketing, software, and decades of experiences to keep you at the top of the leaderboard.

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When you start your own business, you’re taking a risk. Whether its rate fluctuations, cuts in commissions or high-volume requirements.

The SIA of NC partnership can cushion you from the vast range of issues that can present themselves. When you join SIA of NC, you’re being a part of the over $10 billion SIAA family.

While other independent agents may experience the harsh realities of these risks, we keep you profitable and growing by being the protective armor you didn’t know you needed.

Why Become a Member?

With access to a 100-member alliance writing more than $200 million in premiums, SIA of NC benefits our member companies in many ways. Our proven “Quality Control” program helps us identify concerns before they become problems—and long before a company can act upon them.

If you are interested in the benefits of doing business with our alliance, please contact us to learn more about the SIA of NC program.

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