Our Mission & Strategy

We are dedicated to the creation, growth and retention of the independent agency system.

For over 30 years we have been guided by this statement, but why should you consider joining us? Because it works!

strategies for your growth

SIA of NC member agencies are benefiting because of access to many competitive insurance companies providing top level commissions and profit sharing — without minimums. Whether you are an existing agency, a direct writer, producer, captive or life financial service agent looking to instantly become a new independent agency, SIA of NC is the right strategic alliance for you.

what we do

  • We help agencies make more money.

  • We help agencies grow.

  • We help make agencies more profitable.

  • We help get you paid as your larger competitors do.

we help make agencies more valuable

  • When an agency’s income grows.

  • When its bottom line grows.

  • When the quality of its insurance carriers increases.

  • When its retention improves with more stability.

  • When it is affiliated and sharing success with dozens of agencies.

It is worth more! We do all things while you remain independent!