Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is an important component of every independent agency’s revenue stream and a major benefit to our members.

We take you to the next level by combining our production so that our partner carriers understand the power of our alliance. What does this mean to you? With good, profitable business, existing agencies get a raise. If you are just starting out, your pay scale has just increased.

Here is a breakdown of available revenue streams:

  • National portfolio management services fees are paid quarterly based solely on production.

  • National profit sharing is determined yearly by a combination of growth and profitability.

  • Local profit sharing is based on a combination of growth and profitability.  

We do this to bring more revenue into your agency today and everyday you are a part of our network. We do this because we believe independent agents bring the most value to clients — and we believe the more resources you have, the more you will prosper.